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BDL37 COVID19 response

A message from the WM


The Brighton Freemasons Executive team recognise that we have some ‘at-risk’ brethren, and we want to make sure you know that you, your dependants, and our Lodge widows will always have the support of our lodge. We have plans to support you with practical items, with the principal of ‘pocket, heart and hand’.


AS WM, I have authorised the formation of a COVID19 Support Committee under the direction of the SW, Harry Pontikis. Participants include the Almoner Arnie Stein, Secretary Greg Crew, and brethren, including Brett Goldin and Anthony Dask. 


1. To contact each Brighton Bayside Freemason to ascertain their well-being, their needs and requirements.

2. To fulfill their requirements by supplying a ‘Care Package’ of groceries or financial assistance.

3. Let them know they are thought of, cared about and an important part of the brotherhood.

4. Establish communication channels to keep members up to date and allow them to find out legitimate information as to COVID19.

Please contact our Almoner or a Lodge Officer anytime to confirm that all is well with you.

If you feel unwell, or just stressed out with all the bad news and difficulty shopping, don’t hesitate to call one of the below:

WM, Tony Matern:

SW, Harry Pontikis: , 0411 258 058 

JW, Andrew Power:, 0468 903 030

Almoner, Arnie Stein:, 0406 051 444

Secretary, Greg Crew: 0413 711 799,  or any other Lodge member; you are not alone. 


Tony Matern

WM Tony Matern

Our support for Brighton Brethren in need.

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The Brighton District Freemasons Lodge meets every second Tuesday on the month except January. Installation is held on the second Saturday in February.

During the COVID19 pandemic, we meet online at the same time.  If you require assistance with technology or further information, contact our Lodge Secretary on 0413 711 799 or email here

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